Paper of the day: Update

Still tweaking the Paper of the day. I was able to get an RSS feed that seeks out only content with a fulltext item attached. I am still playing with the #hashtags. Which is the best and most descriptive? I tried article du jour for a while, but that puts my material in a host of  French language materials — and ours are primarily but not exclusively English. #POTD is a bit cryptic, and also linked us to photos, which were not necessarily *Disney*. blush. I’m still working on that bit. I like using #OpenAccess but I also want to highlight our Repository. Unfortunately it has an @ symbol in its name, so I cannot use that successfully. I’ve started adding the twitter handle of our University, too.


Also I’d like to know if this helps with discoverability in any meaningful way — and if that in turn means more citations.? I will ponder how I might assess that. . .





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